People Matter

 The people that make up an organisation are its most valuable asset. At Shore, we don’t believe that contract resources are a long term alternative to permanent staff, and we like to focus on the Big Picture: it's not about us, it's about you.

We want to get you to a position where you don't need us anymore: on all assignments we will offer advice, we will coach and mentor, and support you in any way we can – it’s all part of the service.

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Practitioners, not just Consultants

It's a fact – projects & programmes can be hard. When a well structured project has been executed smoothly, it can be easy to forget where the real challenges sometimes lie:

  • How do we get new initiatives up and running, and maximise their chance of success?
  • "Projects in Distress": How do we get them back on track?

Over the years, we've gained a lot of experience - not just as consultants, but as real practitioners working in real project environments.

And it's broader than just project & programme management - are you struggling to get The Business to engage as part of your Business Continuity planning? Do they just think it's an IT problem? We can help...

With all our consultancy work we offer a free 'triage' service: we'll do some initial investigation and let you know what we think – if we can help you, we'll tell you; if we think you don't need us, we'll also tell you. 

Give us a call – there's no risk to you in starting the conversation...

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Training that works

Perhaps you're looking to develop junior members of staff and would like to introduce them to the basics of Project Management?  

Maybe you'd like to integrate Best Practice techniques with your in-house delivery methodology?  

Would you like to be better at managing Stakeholders? Can you see value in improving your influencing and persuasion skills?

We have a selection of training available - ranging from "Project Management for Beginners" or "Introduction to Agile" through to intensive courses to support formal qualifications.  If you're looking to meet a specific need, we can build you something bespoke.  Try us...

Phone: +44 (0)23 8098 8710